Are you having trouble logging on?
Check these tips for help with getting logged on to your account.
  • Your Mizzou Online ID is listed on the email that you received when you enrolled. If you are not a student, use the ID number that you've used in the past to log on to the Mizzou Online website.
  • Your initial password is the number that appears on your enrollment email. We recommend that you change this to a password of your choice as soon as possible.
  • Passwords are case sensitive! Be sure that you enter your password using the same capitalization as when you created it.
  • Have you accidentally turned on your keyboard's CapsLock function? Be sure this is off before entering your password.
If you've forgotten your password and have previously selected a Security Question and Answer, you can change your password here.
If you continue to have problems, please contact us for assistance.
Telephone: 1-800-609-3727 or 573-882-2491
If you are associated with MU High School, please contact 1.855.256.4975 (toll-free) or 573.884.3974 for assistance.